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One of the greatest, if not the greatest key to maximizing corporate value is the smart use of debt. However, this is a double edge sword. The correct debt structure can substantially increase the financial resources available to a company without diluting shareholders. In addition, the correct use of leverage can have positive tax implications not available through using other types of financing strategies. Additionally, the right use of leverage can speed up growth at a lower total cost than other types of financing activities and create improved returns for stakeholders.

Figuring out how much debt to use is more an art than a science. Applying the wrong kind of debt, or too much debt, will certainly have very negative implications for a company's balance sheet. Making the decision to incorporate leverage into the capital structure is a highly complex exercise, not to be undertaken without expert advice. Some variables worth considering in this context are: company's balance sheet strength, predictability and reliability of cash flows, company's stage of development, industry specifics, current market environment, and nature of a company's business.

WhiteRock Capital Partners has deep roots and experienced bankers - the result of many years of work and of having lived through tumultuous market cycles - in carefully analyzing the particular needs of corporate borrowers and determining the optimal use of leverage as a strategic financial tool. We work with a wide spectrum of companies in a variety of industries and have strong experience analyzing a company's prospects, business model, financial statements, capital structure and growth strategy, to determine if the use of leverage is appropriate. In addition, we enjoy an extensive network of financial resources which includes, without limitation, commercial banks, insurance companies, private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds as well as High-Net Worth individuals.

Our team has successfully completed debt financings in excess of $10 billion. The end result has been - the client minimized their risk and maximized corporate value through the correct use of debt.

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