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Buy-side Advisory

Acquisitions present enormous risk. Most acquisitions fail. The reasons are many; overpaying based on over optimistic projections, deal structures and terms, failure to provide adequate flexibility and protection, problems are missed during diligence, etc.

However, the right acquisition can substantially and rapidly transform a Company. Costs can be reduced and growth can be driven through strategic acquisitions and/or combinations.

Our team has advised clients in acquisitions totaling more than $10 billion. We are experienced buy-side advisors. As such, we offer an objective, unbiased and independent perspective. We help our clients identify strategic trends and acquisition candidates, and work with them to implement an acquisition strategy. We subsequently help them execute on specific opportunities. We are not shy about telling our clients it might be time to walk away from a transaction. That is how we keep and nurture long-term relationships - by being objective and always candid.

Securities offered through Silver Leaf Partners, LLC, New York, NY. Member: FINRA and SIPC.